Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. - Classic White
Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. - Classic White

Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. - Classic White, Gitarre mit LP Form from Gibson belonging to the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. model.

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iamqman 08/12/2011

Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. - Classic White: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)

"When I come around"

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If you're a fan of Green Day or just a fan of Billie Joe Armstrong than this might be an instrument that's your cup of tea. If you're not really into the signature conditions of any type of music gear then I would bypass the sig guitar. This is basically a Les Paul Junior guitar that is built to his specs so to speak. You're not getting get that much difference from the regular Les Paul junior guitar. It's a cool guitar with its H 90 pick up configuration. It has a very genuine tone and its pretty great sounding overall.



Mahogany body
Set mahogany neck
1960 slim-tapered neck profile
Rosewood fretboard (ebony on classic white model)
22 frets
24-3/4" scale length
1.695" nut width
12" fretboard radius
Fixed wraparound compensated bridge
Double-coil humbucking H-90 bridge pickup
Volume control
Tone control
Nickel hardware
Lacquer finish


This guitar is basically the same guitar as a Les Paul Junior guitar. You get virtually the same sound and tone as you would any other Les Paul Junior guitar. The difference between this and a regular Les Paul guitar is that you're going to have a tone a little bit focused and frequency route in the mid range. So where is the curricular Gibson Les Paul guitar you have a thicker chunkier tone, this guitar will have a little bit thinner but more middle focused tone. If you're going for a tone that is similar to the first couple Green Day albums than this is not the guitar to get a grab. Billie Joe would use a Fender Stratocaster type body guitar in those days so the tone was a little bit different than this. This guitars is more for the later albums and the newer sound that Green Day is coming out with.


At new you can find guitar for right around $1400. Not a bad price for a Gibson guitar but is certainly more than a regular Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar. That's partly due because the signature series model that is attached. Overall it's a cool signature instrument but if you are like me then you probably not going to care about the signature side of things and don't want pay the extra dollar just to have someone's signature instrument