Westgate Studios Modular Flute
Westgate Studios Modular Flute

Modular Flute, Virtual flute from Westgate Studios.

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songboy 28/02/2012

Westgate Studios Modular Flute: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)

"Absolutely beautiful Flutes. "

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I have had no compatibility issues with this collection of samples so far. I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 with 8gb ram and an RME Fireface 800. These run in Kontakt 5 which I run as a standalone or with Ableton8/Logic 9. I haven't needed the manual as the instruments are fairly simple The setup is as simple as installing on your computer then locating it with Kontakts file browser. The configuration is very simple, most of the instruments don't have any parameters to tweak. Some allow you to control Legato and such, but for the most part, very simple GUI.

So far I have never had any issues with this sample set. No glitches, no audio drop outs, no lost work and it loads with no problems. I give this a 8 out of 10 for performance. If you want to make a realistic performance with these samples, you have some work to do. Essentially you need to load several instances of different presets to cover the majority of techniques a real flutist would normally use. This makes it a little tedious to get a really good track, but the sound quality and the amount of presets to cover all the techniques is quite amazing. There really are lots of different patches to cover all these different techniques. I have been using this set for about 3 months.

What I like most about this sample set is the fact that the sound quality is the best I have ever heard. I can't imagine you will find better sounds without learning the flute yourself, or paying a musician for a day. What I don't like is the absence of a "performance" patch. You really need to build one from scratch. I bought 3 of the 4 sample sets that cost $50 a piece. For that price, I am very happy. I have used several different synthesizers and sample collections with Flute patches, but none of come this close to the real thing. I highly recommend this to any producer/composer who has experience with Kontakt and is willing to put the time in for a perfect flute track.