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sw80 10/10/2012

Yamaha n12: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"for Cubase users"

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You will get nothing but low-latency performance with the Yamaha N 12. I have been using this unit for the last year, we have it hear in one of the studio’s on campus. It was used with a Windows 7 system running 64bit. There where no issues with it at all, I didn’t not install it so I am not sure how easy it was to install but I do know that after using in a bunch of different DAW’s it works great in each and everyone of them. The phantom power is switch able and it has solo level control. There is a talk back function with a built in microphone which is pretty important to us in that studio.


You can connect the Yamaha N12 to many different sound sources. It has XLR connectors and TRS jacks in mono. There are also RCA pin jacks, so no matter what audio gear you need to run through it there is a plug for it. I prefer to use the Yamaha N 12 with Cubase most of the time, that is the first program that I have used with it and it worked great with it so I never started using it with anything else.


The Yamaha N12 has MIDI in and out, a foot-switch input and it comes with a version of Cubase. It has 11 faders on it and eight microphone pres. The unit as a whole is well built and I don’t every see it breaking. It is nice and heavy.


The sound quality on the Yamaha N 12 is great, it has a morphing compressor that sounds perfects as well as reverb right on the Yamaha N 12. If you are a Cubase user than this interface is something that you need to seriously invest in. It is not cheap , costing around 1200.00 dollars but it will be well worth it once you buy it. The 8 pre amps and 3 band EQ are worth that price alone. The Yamaha N 12 has set a high bar for interface from this point on!