TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48
TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48

Studio Konnekt 48, FireWire audio interface from TC Electronic in the Konnekt series.

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radiobomb 30/06/2014

TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48: Produktbewertung von radiobomb (content in English)


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I bought it for the I/O's and desktop remote, & on-board DSP. Use it to interface DAW to console bi-directionally. [soundtracs cm4400 32track]. & sometimes plug straight in [bass/mics/guitar/harware synths]. Good analog+ADAT connectivity via FW400. PC running w7,i7 cpu, ddr3 6gb, 3x1T Hd. Reaper, Cubase . [tc ASIO driver]. Used in a recording studio for 4 years.


stable drivers. slightly dicey install with previous versions, but sorted on latest version, always stable once installed though. Run 128 latency with up to 120 tracks & about 200 vst's before needing to change to 256 [unless running heavy duty vst's which chokes the cpu earlier]. Use REAPER now, and Cubase previously. Driver mature, and no further updates needed.


There are all functions on the TC settings menu on screen, and mixer pages, remote assignment etc...
On the unit are the trims for the 4 front-panel xlr's, their pad, and +48v accross them on a switch.


good sound with precise dynamics and good stereo spread, spaces sound real. No hiss. good pre's. had creamware scope xtc, and a yamaha 01x, and a protools AM3 prior to this card. May one day upgrade to the ssl AX madi stuff, but very happy with this card.