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Tascam FireOne
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stompboxjon 30/08/2012

Tascam FireOne: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Compact and works great"

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The Tascam FireOne is a very small and compact device that can be moved from computer to computer quickly and easily. The best thing about this interface is that I didn’t have to install anything while I was using it a few years ago. Any one of my computers that I plugged it in, it worked right away without any driver installations, which was weird but I was happy it was like that because it saved me a lot of time.


There was no set up at all for me, it was plug and play. This little device as two microphone inputs and two main outs as well. I didn’t expect that when I was reading up on the product online before purchasing it from the website. Once you purchase the FireOne (if you buy it new) you will also receive a copy of Live Lite 6 the Tascam edition. Which is basically a recording interface or a DAW, but I wouldn’t use that software because I am comfortable with the software that we already use. But just in case you need something to record with, it comes with it.


I had zero compatibility issues with the FireOne nor did I have any issues with using it in Cubase and in Acid Pro. It synced right up and was recognized and worked immediately. It does come with a very thin small manual but you wont need it at all.


Best part about the Fire One is that it is small and compact , but at the same time it still gives you two inputs for microphones. Yes, it is a very good small interface, but I feel it is a little overpriced because there are other interfaces that can do the same thing and have the same specs as the FireOne and they are about 50 dollars cheaper. But, its worth the buy. It will do exactly what you need it to do and its easy to pack up and take with you.