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peepsaudio 27/08/2008

MOTU 8pre: Produktbewertung von peepsaudio (content in English)


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I got this not long ago to supplement my other MOTU interface, the 828 mk3. This is great for that purpose, because MOTU lets you daisy chain the firewire ports on them. Essentially this is just going to give you another 8 preamps and so another 8 channels of audio inputs. I wanted to be able to record drums at home with a lot of mics, and adding this to my setup allowed that. I am running a PC with Nuendo, Dual Core processor, and 4GB of ram. I am using this thing mostly just for extra microphones when I'm recording something live. It has also got MIDI connections if you don't have another MIDI box.


This installed with no problems. I didn't even need to load drivers amazingly enough, I just plugged this firewire cable between my 8pre and my 828mk3, and bam - 8 more channels that also show up on the CueMix software MOTU provides. Doesn't get any simpler. I've since had no problems with compatibility or bugs or anything, all smooth sailing here. They do give you a good sized manual, so if you had questions about how to operate anything i'm sure they'd be answered, but there aren't that many controls on this thing.


The drivers have been great, since it's just been running off the MOTU driver I already had installed. They haven't been updated in months, but then again there has been no need to as far as I know. I am using this with Nuendo software as my host. Latency doesn't really come into the picture with this device, it's just putting the audio right through to the 828 which is putting it right through to the PC, so it's negligible. This box adds another 8 channels of audio to your existing converter/preamp box.


I got this about 10 months ago or so when I wanted to get back to having more than 8 tracks to record with at home. I really liked my 828 mk3, so this was great since it basically just expanded that box that I already had. The preamps and converters sound pretty good, and it works just as it says it will, so it's dependable to say the least. It would be nice to have a bigger metering section - that's a little small - but you can still easily tell when something's clipping so it's a small complaint. It's a great value for another 8 channels of audio. I'd get it again.