M-Audio ProFire 610
M-Audio ProFire 610

ProFire 610, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the Profire series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 25/07/2012

M-Audio ProFire 610: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"I took the ProFire everywhere"

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Any M Audio interface is going to be very good to use, they are well built and will work with almost any daw. So when using the M Audio ProFire 610 I already knew what to expect out of it. It ended up being my main interface for a while. I did experience some lag with it on my pc laptop running Windows XP but I was able to over look that because of the quality that I was getting when recording with analog and digital signals. This is the perfect device for the mobile musicians or someone who moves around a lot. This is one of the better mobile devices you can have. There are plenty of smaller mobile devices but this one will give you a great sound.


The M Audio Pro Fire 610 is probably the best mobile fire wire device that I have used since I went digital years ago. I was just going to get a USB interface for my set up. So I was looking at another M Audio interface that was USB until someone told me to check this one out. So I checked it out decided to purchase it and the rest is history. I still own this to this day, I still use it a lot too. I don’t used it all the time, but for most of my on the road laptop stuff this comes with me.


Manual was not needed, I don’t think I have ever even opened it. I was having some issues getting my software to recognize the interface, but that was just a small hump and It got worked out in no time and was no longer an issue. All the features of this interface are very easy to use, and its very easy to install.


The sound quality is great, I loved the quality that I was able to get just from hotel rooms when using the M Audio ProFire 610. It has really gave me the true at home experience no matter where I was at.