Ibanez SR300DX
Ibanez SR300DX

SR300DX, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

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MGR/Straydogger 09/03/2013

Ibanez SR300DX: Produktbewertung von MGR/Straydogger (content in English)

"Very Nice Bass"

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So look here....this is not an expensive bass guitar. What it is is a very nice inexpensive bass guitar.


I put some high quality strings on mine and it is sweet. After I set it up and adjusted everything it plays great.


With the tone controls and the bass boost it can get lots of tones.


I bought mine used for $130 with no case. That may be the best $130 I've ever spent. This guitar is fantastic for the money. I also have an Ibanez AS73 6 string that is a wonderful guitar too. Ibanez just knows how to make good guitars that are not expensive............and they do it well!