Henman Rolla
Henman Rolla

Rolla, 4-string bass guitar from Henman.

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loudfunk 31/01/2012

Henman Rolla: Produktbewertung von loudfunk (content in English)

"Very interesting...and different...and cool..."

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I got mine when the company was still called Henman benilacqua.
It had WCR pick-ups with a coil tap, and a bigsby trem.
The most unusual part of the guitar was the headstock, no tension neck joint. Designed by Bunker up in the Seattle area.
The headstock is actually just held in place by a rod and the the tension of the string. On paper super weird in reality a very, very interesting design. I expected less sustain but that wasn't the case. It actually out sustained some old Les Pauls.


Playability on this guitar was unreal. Like butter comes to mind. And it sounded amazing. Regardless of whether it was through a Mesa Tremo-overb. A Modded Marshall JMP from the seventies. An old Bassman, or a rack full of sauce with the Axe-Fx Ultra it was very hip.


With the coil split, that was actually giving you a believable single coil sound for clean, to the over the top overdrive pedals into a Mesa singing lead hand it was a nice sounding guitar.
The only niggle here was that the pick-ups were very microphonic. Sonically though those pick-ups were nice enough to overlook this.


The layout of the instrument is a bit lop sided, almost like a Firebird where it seems to have a never ending neck. Super comfortable if you're tall. For the shorter players it might be a less comfortable. But I'm guessing here. The first few minutes it kinda felt like the 3rd position was where you hand ended up when you wanted to be in the first position, when changing without looking at the board. But that only took a few minutes of getting used to.
The cool thing is that now Rick Turner is involved in building them, so that certainly don't hurt having a master luthier build the designs of another master builder.
This is the guitar for any one that wants something else than the usual Start or Paul but still get those tones as well.