Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass
Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass

Deluxe Jaguar Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jaguar Bass series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 25/04/2012

Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"Red, and Bright"

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The Fender Jaguar Bass was made a while back but then came back with this Hot Rod Red Rosewood color. I have to admit , even though im not a fan of really bright colors. This one looks great, the red is bright but not too bright to where it looks cheesy. Its very stylish and has a very clean look to it. I havent found any one who doesn’t like the Jaguar Bass yet, nor anyone who doesn’t like the Hot Rod Red Rosewood Version.


Last frets are easy to get too. The design as I said before is very stylish. Its just like the regular Jaguar Bass, just in bolder color for those basses looking to make a bold statement. Getting a good sound is no problem with the Fender Jaguar Bass, It was created for you to get that good bass sound, especially when playing jazz because of the way jazz bass has a lot of runs in it.


The Fender Jaguar Bass definitely suits my style of music, I love jazz and old school rock and some recent day bands.


Overall, you just can go wrong with the Fender Jaguar Bass. It will sound perfect while playing and your friends will be jealous because of the colors of this. The red just really does something to the eye when someone is up on a stage playing. Or when you are sitting at home playing, it really demands the attention of any listeners that are around. .The color is one of the things I like most about it, I think they should explore more with colors on the Jaguar bass, I would like to see some more colors. Something that I wish would have changed is the design just a slight bit with this one. They should have done something a little different with it for the Hot Rod Red, But instead its just like the original Jag bass. But overall, you can never go wrong with a Fender!