Cort Action-A
Cort Action-A

Action-A, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the Action series.

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augylas 17/02/2008

Cort Action-A: Produktbewertung von augylas (content in English)


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-my cort action-a was made in Indonesia, i dont know is it good or bad place for guitars to be manufactured.
-24 frets, Power Sound P & Jazz pickups, bolt on construction.
-bridge EB7(4)
-it has 2volume, 2-band active EQ
-neck Maple, Modern "C" Shape


Neck is nice to feel, easy to slide through all length. it's also easy to access last frets. it has great design, it is not very heavy and has beautiful shape, also extremely comfortable to play. i think that its not hard to get a nice sound from it.


-it suits any style of music, metal, rock, jazz, anything.
i use Crate gt65 guitar amp. its suposed to be an electric guitar amp, but it has no dificulties coping with low, bassy sounds if i dont play too loud.
when playing i really like clean bass sounds, no distortion... amp is used only to control volume. cort 2vol, 2-band active EQ contols is all i need to modify sounds...


I own my cort action-a bass for about a month by now, first i had "jolana" one old bass made in Checoslovakia and i can say that Cort bass is much beter than jolana.
what i like about cort is that you get a nice, high quality instrument for a reasonable price. really worth the money you pay.