Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster
Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster

Vintage Modified Jazzmaster, Elektrische Solidbody Gitarre mit JZ/JG Korpus from Squier belonging to the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster model.

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TeleFunk 17/06/2014

Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster: Produktbewertung von TeleFunk (content in English)

"Squier's come a long way!"

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I often go to my buddies apartment to play his million guitars and test out his home studio. When he told me he made an exchange to get a squier jazzmaster, I told him 'you lost me at squier'....this is because nearly 9 years ago when I bought my first guitar, I remember the god awful noise that emanated from the squier teles and strats.

I decided to give it a try and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by it. The tones were very diverse and always pleasing, the pickups (to my knowledge but I could be a little off) are the same as the original jazzmaster (which was originally created by Mr. Fender himself as the ultimate guitar in his product line), and regardless of playing fuzzy, clean, reverb, distorted etc, I was never disappointed.

To find out that this guitar costs only $299, when the original Jazzmaster costs upwards of $800, makes me wonder why would anyone ever choose the original over the squier.

With that said, the 2 drawbacks I would say are the fact that it shows Squier's logo (instead of Fender, which is just a turn-off even though it sounds great haha), and the fact that, the way they made comparable high-quality sound come from this guitar while still making it affordable was by using cheaper parts (I've often heard the bridge pops out, but this is easily fixable by replacing it with a cheap fender mustang bridge)