Schecter Jeff Loomis FR
Schecter Jeff Loomis FR
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tjon901 26/01/2012

Schecter Jeff Loomis FR: Produktbewertung von tjon901 (content in English)

"What Loomis played"

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Jeff Loomis is well known guitar player in the metal world. He was the guitar player in the recently disbanded band Nevermore. He was one of the founding members and a huge part of their unique sound. He is known for his incredible chops and mastery of the 7 string. This was his signature model and main go to guitar for a long time. He recently got a new signature model which is basically the same guitar but with a V body shape. This guitar has a traditional superstrat shape albiet slightly englarged and 7 string. This guitar has an ash body with a set maple neck. The fretboard is maple as well with a maple headstock. When these guitars first came out everyone said the non matching headstock was weird. The neck has a 26.5 inch scale with 24 jumbo frets and cross inlays. All the hardware is black chrome. up top you get 7 Grover Rotomatic tuners on the 3x4 headstock. The bridge is a 7 string Floyd Rose unit. The pickups are a set of EMG 707s and the controls are super simple with just a volume and a 3 way toggle.


This guitar was certainly built for Loomis. Many people say this is one of the hardest guitars to play there is. Schecter guitar necks are usually on the bigger side and this guitar takes it over the top. The 7 string neck is wider than most 7 string necks and the neck is thicker than most. You really need to have big paws to play this guitar. Loomis is a really big guy so I guess this is what he needed to not feel cramped on the fretboard. The 26.5 inch scale and the jumbo frets means everything is super clear when you play. The longer scale gives good snap to the strings and lets you keep tension with even light strings.


The Loomis production model has EMG 707s in both positions. It would be interesting to see if this is what Loomis still uses personally with the 81-7 becoming a popular bridge pickup for 7 strings. The 707s are like 7 string EMG 85's. I like the 85 in both positions but some people see it as a neck only pickup. It is more common to see 707s in the bridge as well as the neck but with the newer 81-7 this trend might decline. The tone from the 707s and the natural tone of the body blend well. Naturally the tone on this guitar is pretty bright. You have the maple neck and maple fretboard with the long scale neck. This combined with the ash body give you a good high end sound from the guitar. The 707s being thicker sounding pickups give real depth to the sound while the natural brightness of the guitar keeps the sound from becoming too boomy.


Lots of players have signature guitars that they dont really play or they might have it as a back up guitar. Loomis actually plays his signature guitar as his primary guitar and this shows the quality and ruggedness of the Schecter design. Loomis is the type of player who can play anything he wanted and if this guitar didnt suit his needs perfectly he would be playing something else for most of his sets. If you are looking for a super solid 7 string that doesnt feel like a toy this is a good option. Some people like pencil thin necks and light bodies while some people like guitars that have a substantial feel to this. This guitar certainly has some mass and if thats what suits you this 7 string is right up your alley.