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heads on fire 24/10/2011

Ibanez RG7621: Produktbewertung von heads on fire (content in English)

"Best 7 string hardtail around."

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Made in Japan (with all the good Ibanez guitars!)
Basswood body
Maple neck with two-way adjustable truss rod
Rosewood fretboard with 24 frets
Gotoh style tuners
Hardtail bridge - strung through the body
2 Dimarzio Blaze II humbucker pickups
Volume, Tone, and 3 way switch
Quarter inch output jack


This guitar is incredibly easy to play. The entire range of the guitar provides great tones, accessibility, and pure joy. It is very simple to use - 3-way selector, 2 pickups, two knobs, no tremolo - but it's streamlined status helps make it a winner.
One might think the neck would be hard to use, since it is wider, but it is a thin Ibanez neck - of course it's going to be comfortable! As long as one doesn't think of the low B string as the low E, everything works out just fine, and there are oodles of new chord voicings and scale shapes (and tunings!) to discover.


This is where the guitar excels. It can growl in the guttural depths, yet soar to the heights with the best of them - even next to uber expensive custom boutique instruments. The guitar has BALLS, to put it directly. It's like a highly tuned Ferrari engine and suspension set inside an old Pontiac Grand Prix - one might expect it to drive decently, but then it runs off and leaves you in the dust with performance.
The Dimarzio Blaze II pickups make this guitar what it is. Ibanez released a cheaper model a year later, the 7421, and then an even cheaper one after that, the 7321. The 7621 is the only one with the Dimarzios, and as such, should be the only one you consider, as the stock pickups in the 7421 and 7321 are pretty bland, and after replacing the pickups in either of those two guitars, you'd spend just as much as you would buying a full proper 7621.


This guitar is fantastic - it's my favorite seven string guitar I've yet owned. Until Parker makes one, this one will have to do as the best 7 out there, in my opinion. I'm sad that Ibanez discontinued it, and I hope that they put this model out again someday as a reissue.