Hufschmid Guitars H7SC highly figured Bastogne walnut top
Hufschmid Guitars H7SC highly figured Bastogne walnut top

H7SC highly figured Bastogne walnut top, Elektrische Solidbody Gitarre mit 7/8 Mensur oder Baritongitarre from Hufschmid Guitars.

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FatV 18/05/2012

Hufschmid Guitars H7SC highly figured Bastogne walnut top: Produktbewertung von FatV (content in English)

"More than satisfied with this piece of art!"

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It's a 7 string Les paul shape, afzelia doussié neck and sapelli mahogany body with a salvaged old growth bastogne walnut top added. The fretboard is made of premium brazilian ironwood. 25.5'' standard scale. This guitar is finished with tru-oil and helldunkel stain. Armed with Kent Armstrong handmade passive pickups, PAF style built like I asked (high gain output level) with dark flame maple texture finish from Patrick’s conception. And high quality black Hipshot hardware.


Comfortable and incredibly light weighted. Well shaped, more than comfortable for my right arm over the top right of the guitar body. The neck is made according to my handshape, it fits perfectly and I appreciate a lot playing on this african wood called Doussié. I was surprised how easy is it to bend compare to other well-known guitars (medium to heavy gauge strings).
No problems with the tuning after long recording sessions, even when constantly playing punk rock, crust or sludge metal, simply amazing. I tried without locking the tuning pegs, same result… the guitar stays in tune. The built quality is perfect. I’ve got this 7 string since 6 months and not a single problem happened. I give the fretboard some special oil every week or at least two times a month to assure its best condition. Plus I give sometimes the guitar an extra wax polish (swiss made).


Everything you play you’ll hear it. Mainly used for rock style playing but there’s no doubt it still gives lots of possibilities on different music styles (turn the volume and tone up or down and change the pick up positions). With this guitar I have the proof that you don’t need to have the thickiest body or other common stereotypes usually found in guitar forums discussions to get not only the richest and purest but the biggest guitar tone ever too.


I love the feeling of this guitar, plus the wood surface of every piece of this instrument is so nice and impeccable. I could almost say that it’s like a dream come true. After trying a hufschmid guitar I’m no more interested in playing with lacquered guitars. More than satisfied with this piece of art, as for sound, comfort, look, feel and playability. I consider my instrument like a piece of art and need to feel more than ever satisfied with the object itself. I can tell that I am with this one. Plus, I found that Patrick is a true professional instrument maker and is beyond reproach when he provides his loyal customer service (first contact, following, suggesting alternatives and more and more…). I know that he will keep musicians coming back to him.