Duesenberg Starplayer II
Duesenberg Starplayer II

Starplayer II, Elektrische Gitarre mit Hollow Body/Semi-Hollow Body from Duesenberg in the Starplayer series.

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phraseland 02/02/2009

Duesenberg Starplayer II: Produktbewertung von phraseland (content in English)


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Duesenberg comes from Germany and has been an exceptional guitar/bass builder for years. The Starplayer comes with a beautiful bluesy P90 at the neck position (custom construction) and a humbucker (Paff-Sound) at the bridge position. The tremolo reminds me of an updated Bigsby with a lot of stability. Neck and body are constructed perfectly.


The neck is very comfortable - pay attention to the long scale though!
It is a hollowbody guitar and quite large - but also very light.


The guitar sounds like a mix between P90-Les Paul and Gretsch...a little more twang than a Les Paul and a bit more transparent (doesn’t lose definition so quickly).


A great guitar with very good und beautifully selected wood. It possesses its own character und a lot of punch. But you have to like a longer scale. You need to have quite long arms and long fingers to be able to play the fingerboard comfortably.