Shure Beta 87C
Shure Beta 87C

Beta 87C, Elektret-Kondensatormikrofon from Shure in the BETA series.

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AnimalTracksStudio 12/05/2008

Shure Beta 87C: Produktbewertung von AnimalTracksStudio (content in English)


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I bought this as a recording mic, and it is now my main LIVE vocal condenser mic.



I went for years perfectly satisfied with my old Shure SM-58 Mic. It went where I went and it fairy faithfully reproduced my vocals, such as they are. That’s all you really need a Mic to do right?

Enter the Shure Beta 87C.

I ran across one of these at a local music store and was looking for a condenser Mic for acoustic guitar and so I picked it up.

I was quite happy with the job it did on the acoustics and that was as far as I was planning on it going. Then one day I got a call to come and help a band out on an emergency situation where the bass player was deathly sick and they needed a fill in on bass and backing vocals. The problem here was my trusty old 58 was in the band trailer about a hundred miles away. So I winged it and grabbed the Beta 87 and headed to the gig.

I was absolutely floored by the difference it made in even my vocals. There was plenty of air and headroom and my vocals cut right through the cruddy mix at the dank little club.

I have been using the Beat ever since that day in all my live shows on my vocals. Let me also add here I have a LOW voice and I can usually distort the heck out of a Mic. As of yet, I have not had that problem with this Mic.

The only issues I have are that the shaft is smaller than a regular Mic and so you need the special stand holder for it and the casing is partially made of some form of plastic and has developed some cracks which are going to necessitate my sending it back to Shure to have the case re-done.

But given the sound and service it has given me, I think it is worth the added cost of that and maybe even adding a second one as a back-up.