TC-Helicon MP-70
TC-Helicon MP-70

MP-70, Dynamisches Mikrofon from TC-Helicon in the MP series.

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mrjason 29/12/2012

TC-Helicon MP-70: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"One of my favorite live mics"

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The TC Helicon MP70 is a vocal dynamic microphone that is geared toward live performances. It has a frequency response that is perfect for vocals, giving them a warm but rich sound that is crystal clear. It is great with handling feedback rejection and also handling off axis noise that could be coming from other sound sources. This mic feels great in your hand, and for any live performer it is great to have a mic that just feels right in your hand and is light. This microphone can handle vocals coming into it from close or from a decent vocal distance from the mic (a few inches away). Either way you will get a great sound and it will really allow you to express your vocals much more if you can move the mic range to and from your mouth without it affecting the quality.


This microphone comes with a carrying case and a mic clip, the polar pattern is supercardioid plus it has a 1 year warranty from the company that starts the day that you made your purchase. This is a must have microphone for a serious performer that is on a tight budget. You can purchase this mic with a piece of mind knowing that it will sound great, feel great in your hand and it is covered by a warranty in case anything happens to it within the first year you are using it. If it is in your budget to purchase a few of these I would go for it because if you have more than 1 singer in your group, using these together will give you a great sound and everyone will be on the same page (same mic). For 70 bucks, this is a must have and it will give you a great sound that your audience will love. This is one of my favorite live mics!