Shure Beta 57A
Shure Beta 57A

Beta 57A, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Shure in the BETA series.

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afterglow479 01/10/2008

Shure Beta 57A: Produktbewertung von afterglow479 (content in English)


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This mic by Shure is a dynamic capsule. It has a grille with a slight pop filter, so if you're singing into one your plosives will be reduced slightly. The pickup pattern on this mic is a cardioid, so the sides and back are going to be rejected pretty well. This mic doesn't have any other options on it like a polar pattern switch or a pad. Since it is a dynamic mic you won't need any phantom power to use it. The frequency response seems to have a big presence peak to aid in the source cutting through a mix. There is also a low frequency roll-off, so that can help with dealing with any handling noise or extra lows caused by the proximity effect. The sound of this mic is really a lot like the classic SM57, except this one sounds, to put it simply, better. This mic sounds crisper and clearer than the somewhat hollow sound of the SM57. This has sounded better for me on guitar cabs and snare drums than the SM57, which is usually the kind of those sources.


I have had one of these for a couple years. I'm not sure if they were trying to issue this as an improvement to the SM57, but I feel that's what it accomplishes. In every shootout I have done with the original 57, I have preferred this one. The added clarity just benefits it as a whole, unless you are looking for a slightly dirtier sound. It is more expensive than the 57, but I feel you are getting a better mic, and that you would be getting your money's worth from Shure. I think it's a good value for the price point. I would get it again, I like to use this on a lot of guitar cabs, and I'd miss it if it broke!