Sennheiser e 825 S
Sennheiser e 825 S

e 825 S, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Sennheiser in the evolution 800 series.

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AlanForPresident 16/07/2012

Sennheiser e 825 S: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"affordable for home"

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The Sennheiser E825S mic is a very affordable dynamic microphone that will be perfect for your home recording conditions. It will sound great no matter (well almost) no matter what your home set up is. If your room that you are recording in at home is a decent size, and not too big unless you have a lot of treatment or furniture in your room , it will sound great. It will sound a lot better than a less than 100 dollar mic. Most 100 or less dollar mics sound exactly like that. They sound cheap and you will have to do a ton of Eqing when using most cheap mics. I hate using cheaper mics because I always have to end up boosting the high frequencies and cutting too much of the low end off. And once you start doing that you will start to hear a really muddiness to what you just recorded. It will only get worse and worse the more you have to do to the audio file that you just recording when you have to eq to much.


With the e825 you wont have to do to much eq at all. Just a little boost on the high end and I usually always cut out the really low end frequencies that you cant hear anyways just to make it sound cleaner and not have all the energy going to wasted space with frequencies that wont get picked up. The Sennheiser E825S is also very well built and light. You can travel with it and take it places without the fear of it getting broke, and even if it does get broke its not like you broke a 500 dollar mic. Its really cheap to replace which is always good because over time stuff will cause problems. I haven't been using this mic long enough yet to experience any problems and hopefully I wont for a long long time.