Heil Sound PR40
Heil Sound PR40

PR40, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Heil Sound.

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AlanForPresident 16/07/2012

Heil Sound PR40: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"sounded good in the studio.."

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The Heil Sound PR 40 really opened my eyes while I was using. Immediately after I was in the studio and heard it I went home and started to look into how much that it cost to have one here at my house. I just had to get my hands on one of them and I was willing to almost trade in so much of my gear to have one. It was being used for a singers vocals in the studio and it sounded amazing, though I never did purchase one at home. There was a female singer and songwriter that I have worked with on several occasions who purchased this mic after I told her about it, so she invested the money into it and I was able to use it a few times. Now one thing that disappointed me is that it didn’t sound as good at home as it did in the actual studio. This could be attributed to no acoustic treatment in the room and in the studio they could have been using some type of compressor or some real time effects to spice it up a bit. Because while using it at her house the audio sounded extremely thin to me. Almost to the point where I think she purchased the wrong mic so I started to look at the box and stuff to make sure she got the right one.


The thin sound is something that I can stand, your voice does not naturally sound thin so why does this mic make it sound thin. So I will have to credit it to the room not being treated right, though she does still use this mic and probably will for a while, I am still a little confused on why the final recording came out like they. Even after adding some slight vocal reverb and boosting frequencies it just doesn’t sound natural. So im not sure, I wont purchase this mic though because of that experience, I don’t want to invest the money and be un happy.