Electro-Voice RE20

RE20, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Electro-Voice.

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moosers 29/01/2009

Electro-Voice RE20: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Electrovoice RE20 is a dynamic microphone that I have used both in the recording studio and the live setting. They are famous for being used in radio booths as a vocal mic, but will work great for a number of different applications including as a vocal microphone for singers, on kick drum (inside or out) or a bass guitar amp. The most useful of these applications has to be for any sort of vocal, as they are designed for use with the human voice. They are great at blocking outside noise when a person sings or talks right up on the grill of the microphone. It also has a roll off switch which can prove to be quite helpful in certain situations.


I've been using RE20s for about three years and they not only sound great but are incredibly sturdy and well built. This guy is strong and well protected and I don't think they could be broken very easily, even if it was dropped. With every mic it depends on what you are looking to achieve with it, but the RE20 will provide any recording engineer with a number of effective uses for it. The best part about the RE20 is the price, as it would be hard to find a better bang for your buck in terms of microphones. The only other dynamic mic in the price range that I would rather have is a Shure SM7, but the RE20 is a fine selection. I would only choose the SM7 over the RE20 because of how good it sounds on male vocals, while the RE20 is probably better for all around vocals and speech. If you're looking for crisp vocals in a live or recording setting where you need to block out noise, the RE20 is the way to go.