Blue Microphones enCORE 100 Series
Blue Microphones enCORE 100 Series

enCORE 100 Series, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Blue Microphones in the enCORE series.

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mrjason 29/12/2012

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 Series: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"Must have"

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The enCORE 100 is a dynamic microphone made by Blue Microphones. This microphone is built like a tank and will not go out on you no matter what. It is easy to use and set up, it’s all plug and play; just the way that I like it. This microphone is designed more for handheld use, it has a very nice weight to it but it is not too heavy and bulky in your hand.


You will get a very natural sounding vocal with this microphone that is the best part about it. It is used for live uses and it will make you sound amazing. It will be clear and crisp just like it should be. It cost a lot less than other Blue Microphones but still provides the same studio quality of the higher end ones. This microphone comes with a carrying pouch and microphone clip.
The transducer is a dynamic moving coil (cardioid polar pattern) with a frequency response of 50hz to 15kHz. This microphone feels great in your hand and sounds amazing in a club. I have used this microphone in about 20 different places over the last year and for 99 dollars I have not found a better deal in my history as a musician when it comes to live hand held microphones.
I have even dropped the 100 while packing up back stage and after it hit the ground and bounce a few times, I picked it up and it was not even scratch and the grill still looked brand new. If you are searching for a well made hand held microphone for live use this is the way to go. This microphone should cost almost triple what it does, especially with it being made by Blue Microphones. It is unreal that it is sold at this price and it is a must have.