Audix i5 - Black
Audix i5 - Black

i5 - Black, Dynamisches Mikrofon from Audix belonging to the i5 model.

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AlanForPresident 07/06/2012

Audix i5 - Black: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"great insrument mic"

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The Audix i5 was used in a studio that is on the other side of town that I go to a few times each month. It is an instrument mic and I must say it sounds great. It sounded so go it made me come home and look it up online and I was surprised that I actually didn’t cost as much as I though it would. This instrument mic seems to be way better than a lot of the other ones that I have used and even better than some Shure Mics that are suppose to be the best on the market for instruments.
You get a very natural and clear tone when recording with it you wont have to boost anything gin the eq part because it pretty much already does that for you. Now most people would purchase this for a home set up they would get the shure mic but this is no where close to comparing too it. The Audix i5 is in a class of its own and can compete with mics that are almost twice its price.


I myself will probably never purchase this mic but I get to use it a lot at the studio I just don’t do any live recordings here at home and don’t have room to do any. So its best that it stays in the main studio. But if I do every need a mic that for instruments this would be the one that I would buy. It is one of the best that I have heard hands down and I expect more people to start purchasing it. I actually havent even really heard of Audix too much until I looked up this mic. So apparently they are still under the radar. You will have to purchase this mic if you need a instrument mic, there really isn’t an alternative.