Martin & Co D-18

D-18, Dreadnought Stahlsaitengitarre from Martin & Co in the Standard series.

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moosers 21/05/2009

Martin & Co D-18: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Martin & Co D-18 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar made in the USA that is not an acoustic/electric so it has no pick ups or setting controls. It is pretty simple in make up except for the fact that each part of this guitar is made with exceptional care and parts.


The neck of Martin D-18 is a beautiful thing as it has an incredible feel to it. Like most Martin guitars that I've played, it is incredibly easy to play and feels awesome on the fingers. Whenever I pick up the guitar and play I feel like I'm better than I am because of extreme ease you can play the guitar with! It has the classic dreadnought body and style and isn't too heavy of a guitar. Getting a good sound is fairly easy granted you can play, as the inherent tone is full bodied and warm.


The Martin D-18 dreadnought acoustic is suitable for any type of music that you would want to use acoustic guitar with, although I use it mostly for rock, pop, folk, and country as those are the main genres that I stick to. The overall tone of the guitar can be described as extremely vibrant and full of life while still maintaining that full range and full bodied sound that you seek in all acoustic guitars (or at least I do). The Martin D-18 is truly a beautiful sounding guitar that needs to be heard to truly understand.


I first used the Martin D-18 about three years ago and since then I haven't been able to replicate the greatness of this guitar with anything other than a genuine Martin. The guitar is designed for experienced players and the price tag certainly reflects this. This being said if you want a top notch acoustic guitar that will last for years and years to come, the Martin D-18 is just as good of a choice as any.