Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 7
Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 7

Virtual DJ 7, DJ Software from Atomix Productions.

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Adyssey Beats 23/06/2012

Atomix Productions Virtual DJ 7: Produktbewertung von Adyssey Beats (content in English)

"Under-rated, but does the job well."

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Unfortunately no particular technical features or characteristics motivated my choice to download and purchase the Virtual DJ 7 Pro version. I was at a gig in a crunch for time and needed a software that could play music videos in high-definition and cross-fade between them. After a frantic search through numerous blogs, Virtual DJ surfaced as the right choice. And I'm glad I made it. I performed with it connected to my Denon DN-MC6000 and an external mixer and it worked flawlessly. Music videos easily handled by my 2.7 Ghz Intel MacBook Pro with 4GBs of RAM.


There were no compatibility issues, but there was a compatibility success. Using the recently added ReWire support new in Virtual DJ 7, I was able to connect V DJ to my Ableton Live 8 set-up, and then to my DN-MC6000, and mix effects, scratches, etc. onto my music as a sort of post-production. Although this is supported through digital DJ software competitors such as Native Instruments' Traktor, V DJ's vibrant, user friendly interface won me over in the end. After the show I went back and surfed through the manual and it makes apparent many things you would intuitively know about the software with minimal exposure and some musical talent, but also highlights some of the nuances of this most recent version. Bottom line, it is worth reading the manual and reaping all possible benefits of the V DJ experience.


The software works well on my mac and with every midi controller that I have plugged in and configured. No lag or excess CPU use, so I can't complain. I've been using this software for about three months now and am starting to prefer it over Traktor for my on-the-fly mixes.


What I like most about Virtual DJ 7 is that, despite it's many advancements from Virtual DJ 6 it is still free to try the "home" version. I say that for the price of on-the-house, it's worth the try. Heck, you might actually like it. Although it has been ridiculed for being simplistic, Virtual DJ 7 is an aesthetically pleasing yet complex system that is capable of much more than just cross-fading tracks. Take time to explore the free version and if it strikes your fancy, upgrade and reap the benefits.