Sony MDR-V700DJ
Sony MDR-V700DJ

MDR-V700DJ, DJ-Kopfhörer from Sony in the MDR series.

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moosers 30/06/2010

Sony MDR-V700DJ: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Sony MDR-V700DJ's are a set of headphones that are designed and marketed as headphones for DJ's, but they're definitely suitable for a variety of purposes. I've used the MDR-V700DJ's for checking and monitoring tracks during tracking and mixing. We've got a pair of these at the studio where I'm working, and while they aren't regarded as the best headphones around those parts, they're definitely fine for monitoring during recording and for listening back on. They're pretty comfortable headphones, and you can definitely tell that they're designed so that you can easily remove one ear if you want to, as they're flexible in this way. I've certainly worn more comfortable headphones, but these do just fine for sparse use. The overall sound of the Sony MDR-V700DJ is realistic for a set of headphones for sure, but doesn't boast a crazy amount of low end as you'd imagine that a set of DJ headphones should. They're not going to be okay to mix on or anything like that, but then again I probably wouldn't recommend mixing on too many different pairs of headphones. I'd say that they're fine for A/Bing mixes, but there are definitely better suited headphones out there for this application as well. I don't know if these would be my first choice for general recording studio headphones, as Sony themselves has better suited headphones within the same price range, but I also can't say that I'd argue with anyone who liked these better for this purpose either. It's really all about taste and individual comfort with headphones like these, as these in particular are definitely more than adequate for all studio applications other than mixing. If you unsure about a set of headphones to go with, I'd encourage you to check out a few of the other Sony products out there in the MDR line of headphones, as there are headphones out there for all purposes and to fit all budgets...