Monster Beats Pro - Black
Monster Beats Pro - Black

Beats Pro - Black, DJ-Kopfhörer from Monster belonging to the Beats Pro model.

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stompboxjon 13/04/2012

Monster Beats Pro - Black: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)


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The Moster Headphones pro HD black are a set of headphones that I have used to listen to a lot of different music in. they provide a nice warm sound and a nice base as well. The base in them (which is what everyone wants) is pretty decent. Not the best on the market but still good. They are great just to use for listening pleasure. I even do some of my mixes in them just so I can hear what im doing loud and clear. Keep in mine I said mixes and not mixing! I wouldn’t dare try to mix in these because you wouldn’t get a clean mix as you would with a nice pair of flat sounding headphones.

I guess the main focal point of these headphones is that they are very styles and clean looking. Lately its been a trending thing to have cool headphones wrapped around your head. Back in the 90’s it didn’t matter as much what color your headphones where as long as you had some to listen to. Now its all about having cool futuristic and colorful headphones.

I do like these headphones a lot but I think they are too expensive. There are other headphones on the market that don’t look “cool” but sound way better and are way cheaper. Headphones are always a touchy subject in the music community because everyone wants something different in their headphones. Some want more bass, some want noise cancellation, some on flat sounding for mixing and mastering. So I say these are just for listening to your favorite songs on your mp3. Not for creating or mixing and mastering. They do provide a great quality sound though, go to the store and listen to them, you will love them and I love mine. But these will not be my only pair of headphones because they wont work for all of my needs.