Rss By Roland M-300 V-Mixer
Rss By Roland M-300 V-Mixer

M-300 V-Mixer, Digitales Mischpult from Rss By Roland.

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sw80 12/10/2012

Rss By Roland M-300 V-Mixer: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"computer control "

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The Roland M 300 V Mixer has everything to power you whole studio. Forget your computer because you will not be needing it. With this rack able 32 digital unit. It has 4 stereo FX processors with built in recording and 8 buses. If you choose to use a PC with it that is cool to because the Roland M 300 will allow you to control it from a PC if you choose to.


It has 4 matrices and 4 FX engines and they have 11 built in effects. All of the individual outputs have delay and PEQ. There are no direct outputs on the M 300 but there are 4 XLR and 4 ¼ outputs. 8 auxiliary buses and 17 fully motorized faders. The best part of this mixer is the screen action. The screen is like the brain of this whole unit and you can basically do everything from it.


Using your computer to control the M 300 is a breeze. There really is no set up involved and its quit simple to do. This unit is a bigger unit but it still is pretty light, it weighs 20 pounds and it has about 20 inches in depth. If you are using it on a work surface make sure your surface is deep enough to sit the whole unit, though you can rack if you want to.


The Roland M 300 is an expensive digital mixing console but it has all of the features that you will need to power your studio. All of the buttons are easily recognizable because they are all color coded. You can use the Roland M 300 to get a great mix when working with a live session. Tweaking and editing your sounds are easy to do on this unit and all of the faders are really smooth. I look for more and more studio’s small and large to start adding this mixing console to their set ups.