Yamaha YDP-121
Yamaha YDP-121

YDP-121, Digitales Klavier from Yamaha in the Arius series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 26/03/2012

Yamaha YDP-121: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"good but keys stick overr time"

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The Yamaha YDP-121 is a very good digital piano. Has a very full rich sound just like the real grand pianos that are on the market. The keys have a very good feel with them, a very nice weight to them as well. When you are playing the YDP 121 you will instantly feel like you are sitting at a 5000 dollar grand piano. Unfortunatly the Yamaha YDP 121 does have some major issue’s once time passes. After about a year and a half the keys on this digital keyboard will start to stick, and I mean stick bad. You will have major problems, and once it starts sticking it makes the digital piano almost un playable.


Set up is very easy, there really isn’t a set up, you just start playing. Its not like a digital workstation that takes a long time to understand the menu’s and sub menus. Its just plug it in, turn it on and start playing your favorite pieces (jazz in my case).


As I mentioned before the sound is great, and doesn’t change at all over time. So minus the issue with the keys you wont have any problems. Has a pretty good after touch, and if you really know how to play and use the pedals you will have a beautiful sound.


Overall, for the value it’s a great piano. But not worth it knowing you will have to replace the keys that are sticking after a year or so. Plus this digital piano is no longer made, you would have to buy it used which would def. be a risk with the keys . I say look at the upgraded model of this brand. It will last you longer and its still being manufactured and you can get a warrenty so you can be worry free. So look for the upgraded version.