Yamaha P-90
Yamaha P-90

P-90, Digitales Klavier from Yamaha in the P series.

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Mattfig 13/06/2012

Yamaha P-90: Produktbewertung von Mattfig (content in English)

"Very nice"

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81 key...Midi in and out...Footswitch compatable and pedal compatable too...

There are not many sounds but that's the idea...This is a piano, no a synth...It's built well and feels like the real thing down to the proper weighted keys...


Use is simple...The manual spells it all out just fine...A child could learn to effectively use it in 15 minutes...There are more functions like a 2 track recorder, metronome, effects...But I use it and bought it to use as a piano...


The piano sounds are amazing...Very rich, full, and non-digital sounding...It captures every nuance of your playing and translates it very nicely into what sounds like a well tuned, real piano...The other tones are what you might expect - Strings, Elec Piano, Organs, Wood/Brass, Choir, and, of course, a few exquisite Grand Pianos...Perfect for practice or studio use...Records very well...The producer in me loves it, the player in me appreciates it for the tone/feel/ease of use...


I like it's playability and piano sounds...Those were my two criterion going in...I got that....I really don't use the other functions enough to speak as to how well they function or sound....

I don't like that it's heavy but do like that it's solid so it's a fair trade...

The value is so so...By now it's worth crap since it's over 3 years old but I have no intention of selling it anyway...ANd when I say it's not worth much it's only because there are many newer models, that's all...

I tried many and settled here...The best tone and feel for piano...

I'd buy it again....