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JimboSpins 10/12/2012

Yamaha S30: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"Similar to the CS6x"

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The S30 is very similar to the CS6x that is also made by Yamaha. The S30 has 64 voices and MIDI capabilities with 256 presets. The presets are great; some of them are stereo samples instruments like acoustic pianos, guitars, strings and analog synths. I did not expect to get this many good sounds when I got my S30 because all I kept hearing was how good the CS6x was and that the s30 could never live up to it. I beg to differ; I think the S30 is very similar and the only difference is, is the price. They have the same sound set and synth engine/ basic functions.


This 61 key synth has after touch and a huge effects list to mess around with. There are 23 different chorus effects and over 10 reverbs plus a large selection of insertion effects. There are 128 types of arps that you can choose from and you will have full control over how your arps will be played out. You can tweak all of the gate time and velocity rate parameters until you are happy with the result of your arp.


There are also knobs that you can use as controllers when assigned to functions within your DAW, which means that this keyboard can be used as a MIDI controller. For a while I was using this as my main keyboard synth and my MIDI controller. It is not very portable though and is made to just stay at home, it is pretty bulky and heavy to want to take with you plus you would not want to travel with this many keys.


The filter section on the S30 is also very similar to the filter section on the CS6x. You get 13 different types like low pass, band pass and some standard EQ options. You can use this synth to power your DAW and it will be a great sound module for your set up. It is a “win win” with this synth.