Roland JUNO-D
Roland JUNO-D

JUNO-D, Digitaler Synthesizer from Roland in the Juno series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 26/03/2012

Roland JUNO-D: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"Juno D is great"

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The Roland Juno D is a good board, I wasn’t sure about this one after spending 3 hours on it at the guitar center down the road. One thing that I can stand with it is the interface and sequencing just didn’t do it for me. But there where certain sounds that I really liked and the on board controls to minipulate those sounds made it really easy for me to get the sound I was really looking for .


Very easy to operate, its almost to easy. You may only need the manual just to understand a few small things. But sequencing on it was difficult for me because I am use to a more user friendly screen and menus. There really just wasn’t much to the interface of this board. Maybe it was just too easy for me and that’s why I didn’t like it because I am use to sequencing on other workstations that have a much more complex screen and menus.


The sounds a pretty good, especially when you add a few small effects you will really like the sounds you can get when you play around a little bit. The brass on here is what surprised me the most, I didn’t expect to hear such a big band style of brass. Its just sounds full and rich when those horns are being played. I can honestly say the brass on here was some of my favorite presented brass out of almost any board on the market. The brass was ready to fit right in to my songs with out any equine or anything. It was almost made just for me.


Overall, This board is really easy. If you want something easy then this is what you need. Its not much to look at and doesn’t look all fancy. that’s because its not fancy. Its good though and has all the connections you need to get it right to you DAW. Its very realistic and ready to go right into your mixes. You will love the Roland Juno D.