Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer
Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer

PS60 Performance Synthesizer, Digitaler Synthesizer from Korg.

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mrjason 31/10/2012

Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"Well built, keys may stick "

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The Korg PS60 61 is a performance synth that is made for a live musician. The Korg PS60 has a very nice backlit display on it that no matter what your lighting situation is where you are you will be able to read the screen without the need to squint your eyes. The Korg PS60 comes with a manual that is in depth in helping you understand all of the functions of the Korg PS60. It also comes with a quick start guide which is more like a watered down manual with just the basics.


The Korg PS60 has a total of 70 different effects and has a very user friendly interface. The keys have a great response to them and they are semi weighted. The sounds are all broke down into categories like Electric Piano, Organ, Strings, Brass, Synth etc... All of the sounds are well designed and are perfect for performing with.


The Korg PS60 is supposed to be portable but to me it is a little bigger than expected and definitely heavier than I expected it to be. It does not come with a stand, bench or speakers. So these are things that you will need to have if you are going to be gigging with it.


There are many positive things about this keyboard when it comes to gigging with it, but for the price it might be better just go with one of the Yamaha keyboards with similar specs. They are a little lighter and less expensive than the Korg PS60. Also I have noticed with the Korg PS60 that over time they keys may start to stick. This can happen with any keyboard, but I have seen it happen frequently with the Korg PS60. It is a great keyboard and at a decent price, but for gigging it should be a little smaller. Also, the output volume is kind of low for it to be a live keyboard.