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mrjason 06/03/2013

Korg X50: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"Over 80 effects"

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I have used the Korg X50 many times over the last few years. This board is built very well and is made to take on the road without any issues. There are over 500 programs in it and the arps are very good! Learning to use it and setting it up does not take long but there is a small learning curve if you are use to working with some of Korgs other machines. This one has a little separate process when it comes to choosing and editing sounds.


The effects are very easy to add and change, they are also very good and there are a lot of them to choose from. There are a total of 384 combination that can be used on this board and some of them are really good layers. The sounds mixed in with some of the effects can give you a whole new sounds, I didn’t expect to get some of the unique sounds that I was getting with the X50 with it being this cheap.


All of the sounds are very good and I recommend trying them out before you make a purchase. These sounds are not for everyone and some people don’t even like this synth at all. I feel like it is a very good synth and in this price range it is a must have. Some of the sounds are not "realistic" at all though.


It is very easy to work with this board in your DAW and with other synths. It has 1 Audio output and no audio inputs. There are a total of 89 effects which is a huge effects section. The pitch bend and mod wheel seem to be made well as long as all 61 semi weighted keys. There really aren’t any bad things to say about this keyboard, it sounds great and has a huge effects section. It is just one of those keyboards that the user will need to try out first because a lot of the sounds may not be appealing to some musicians.