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JimboSpins 10/12/2012

Korg X50: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"creativity at its finest"

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This 61 key synth is very small light and portable, it will fit on your desktop or workstation with room to spare. The keys are touch sensitive and fast. You can really work your melodies with this synth because the keys are light and fluid like. Most of the sounds for the Korg X50 come right from the Triton sound engine. Not saying that you should get this over a Triton by any means. But if you like the Triton sounds, then you will love how you will get some of those same sounds in this smaller and more portable synth.


Using this keyboard is simple because of the interface. Everything that you might want to do or need to do can pretty much be done form the push of one button. Even working with the effects, they are very easy to add and manipulate right from the main interface of the keyboard.


All of the effects are great on this keyboard. The reverbs and chorus are awesome; they will really spark your creativity. You can also use the dual arpeggiator on the X50, and you will also have full control over which direction it moves and the gate and timing of it.


The X50 does come with editing software that you can use a plug in, it will connect to your computer via USB and you can use the X50 as a plug in with any DAW you prefer. This synth is affordable, portable and user friends. It comes loaded with high quality fat sounds that you can use as is without having to add anything to them; if you are not a fan of tweaking sounds and presets. I love to tweak sounds just as long as it does not get overwhelming and time consumer because I feel like it interferes with my creative when I have to stop my workflow to completely make a new sound. This keyboard synth will boost your creativity without breaking your budget.