Clavia Nord Stage 2 73
Clavia Nord Stage 2 73

Nord Stage 2 73, Digitaler Synthesizer from Clavia in the Nord Stage 2 series.

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stompboxjon 02/10/2012

Clavia Nord Stage 2 73: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"One of the best"

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I have had the privilege over the last year to work with the Nord Stage 2 by Clavia. The Nord Stage 2 is a true all in one keyboard workstation that can handle all of your musical needs. All of the presets and sounds that come on the board are amazing and full. All of these rich sounds are worth every penny you will have to pay to have this workstation, I cost a little over 3500 dollars, which is why I don’t own it but I get the chance to use it when in a studio that is close by. It has some really good modulation effects like, flanger , phaser, pedal wah, ring mod, and chorus just to add a few and it has 6 different mastering effects and compressors right on board. So whether you are using this board as your main studio component or using it as a sound module, it doesn’t matter. It can handle whatever you throw at it.


It is not easy to use, but you can figure it out just by some trial and error depending on what you are using it for. All of your midi connections are easy and audio in and outs are easy to get to and set it up to sync with your DAW. The sample memory is 380 MB on the Stage 2 with a built in 3 band EQ.


From strings to pianos to basses, they are all great quality and some of the best that I have heard out of all of the newer boards that are on the market today. There are plenty of effects right on board, you can easily use this keyboard as your main “brain” of your studio and not have to worry about anything else if you don’t want to.


The Nord Stage 2 has everything you need, and I mean everything. It is just so out of reach because it cost way to much to purchase it for your home set up. But if you want the quality that it provides you will have to pay. I will be owning one of these soon though, I have been saving up! I have used many Clavia keyboards and this one is the best by far! It is a monster!