Casio CZ-1
Casio CZ-1

CZ-1, Digitaler Synthesizer from Casio in the CZ series.

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JimboSpins 10/12/2012

Casio CZ-1: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"Great if you can get it at a good price"

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The Casio CZ-1 is a 61 key digital synth that can be purchased used for a very affordable price. That is what made me purchase is, I found one online for less than 200 dollars and purchased it immediately. They keys do not feel great though, I have had better keys on a cheap MIDI controller and the touch sensitivity is almost absent. But you will get a lot of options with this keyboard. This is a 16 voice polyphony keyboard that you cannot sequence on but you can just use it as a sound module and record your sounds out to your DAW.


There are a total of 64 presets on the CZ-1, most of them are not very great alone. I usually take the presets and run them through an external rig or sound effects module to get them to sound the way that I want them to sound because the only effects that you can use on this board is chorus.


The CZ-1 does have MIDI capabilities so you can use it as a controller as well as a sound module. Judging by the sounds that are on this keyboard and the limited effects; there is no way that I would purchase this brand new at the normal price because I do not feel that it is worth much more than the 150 to 200 dollar range.


You can create up to 64 user patches on the CZ-1 and add that to the total number of presets available which is 64 you will kind of feel like you have limitations to have far you can actually push this keyboard. It seems as there just aren’t enough options to get into depth with it. But with that being said if you grad this up at a great price it could be worth it because it will give you some different sounds to use that are not on most standard synths.