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theaudioandvideoguy 26/03/2012

Alesis QS8: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"classic from alesis"

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The Alesis QS8 is a very good instrument keyboard. It comes with a large library of sounds and instruments for you to use in your own compositions , along with 16 megabytes of on board ROM. This keyboard is also expandable incase you decide you need more. It has 600 plus programs and takes PCMCIA sound cards. It also has a pitch wheel and a modulation wheel, which is pretty much standard on all boards but this pitch wheel has a nice feel to it and gives you a lot more control. Its not stiff, its very free moving and easy to get the exact pitch conversion you want.


Its very easy to understand, and if you want to us it with the computer it comes with a cd rom in both mac and windows because it includes a copy of Cubase Lite (not the regular cubase version though , but close). The keyboard can also be used a midi controller with a little configuration in your DAW. You don’t have to use Cubase Lite with it, you could use whatever you prefer and just use it as a generic controller.


Sounds a very good, I was actually surprised by the sounds that come on a board that was made years ago. The sounds are very up to date. Nice warm synths, not too thin like most keyboards that where created back in the 90’s. Alesis was ahead of its time when creating this board.


Overall, you really cant ask for much more. Not really to sure if you can still get this board in your local store you may have to buy it online because its an old model. But don’t let the word “old” fool you. Its well worth the money spent and its not that expensive brand new so I know its very affordable now. Alesis has always made quality products and this was no exception.