Whirlwind IMP2
Whirlwind IMP2

IMP2, DI from Whirlwind.

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JimboSpins 06/11/2012

Whirlwind IMP2: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"A must have"

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The Whirlwind IMP2 is a direct box that has an XLR output and a ground lift switch. The Whirlwind IMP2 is very portable and small, it can fit in the small pocket of a gig bag. It sounds really clear and can take your sound to new levels. The Whirlwind IMP2 is built to last because it is made out of metal and the text on it is a really light blue color that is almost neon so you can read it easily if you are in a dark setting.


There is no set up process involved with the Whirlwind IMP2; it was one of the easiest pieces of gear that I have ever used. It only cost 50 bucks and it is used to take your instrument line in and make it a low impedance balances signal. Any musician or DJ that gigs must have one of these handy because you will never know when you need it. It is a great addition to have to your sound setup especially in a live setting. It works great and has never given us any issues at the club.


The sound is clear, bright and clean.


I wish I would have got this when it first came out. I have only been using it since March of this year. I do not use it a lot because a lot of times I just don’t need it. But when I do need it, it is always there and it works great. The Whirlwind IMP2 only has 1 channel and 1 ¼ input; also 1 XLR output and 1 ¼ thru output. There are other models that have more inputs and outputs but I just needed something small. Whirlwind makes a few of these styles of boxes in all price ranges. But the Whirlwind IMP2 is the best one you can get for the money and the quality.