Radial Engineering ProD2

ProD2, DI from Radial Engineering.

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JimboSpins 06/11/2012

Radial Engineering ProD2: Produktbewertung von JimboSpins (content in English)

"The AV2 vs the ProD2"

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The Radial ProD2 is a passive stereo DI that has a 15 dB pad. It also has a lift switch and for the price of 150, you really won’t find another one as good as the Radial ProD2 is. It is well made and built to last you a long time. It is made out of metal type material and can fit into your gear bag easily. Using the Radial ProD2 is very easy, there is no set up process involved and it does not come with a manual because you really don’t need one. It does come with a quick start style guide that will show you what everything is. The Radial ProD2 is truly a plug and play unit and it is very reliable for some of your microphones. You can use the Radial ProD2 in the studio or in a live performance and it will work great no matter where you use it at.


It has a balanced XLR output connector and rubber on the bottom of it to keep it from sliding or slipping on the surface where you might have it set up. The It has a balanced XLR output connector is very quit I have not experienced any hissing or humming coming from it no matter what it is plugged into.


The Radial Pro D2 has a balanced XLR output connector is very small and it has 2 ¼ inputs and 2 XLR outputs. It is a 2 channel Passive DI that can be used for a number of different applications.


It is a solid unit, but I prefer using the Radial Pro AV2 because I feel like it provides a better sound. Both of the units are very similar and even made by the same company but the AV2 has a better quality to me and it is only about 20 bucks more.