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James... 24/12/2011

T-Rex Engineering Replica: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"It's analog? or?"

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The specs on this pedal are very high. The sample rate and converters are top notch. People can't seem to decide whether it's actually analog. The consensus is that the signal path is pretty much high quality analog while the circuitry is digital. Honestly I don't care as long as it sounds good. I don't believe that it's true bypass, however I haven't really noticed and tone loss. It has tap tempo of course which was the selling point for me. Has a fairly long delay time too. Oh and midi, which is super important to me. Not many delays have this. I'm glad this one does.


The pedal itself is pretty darn simple to figure out. Has the usual delay controls along with tap tempo and all work as they should. The brown switch supposedly does high end cutting on the repeats. I don't like how it sounds and would rather do without it. The subdivision switch splits the delay time or something, so you can do triplet delays. It's more of a time saving feature than anything. Midi implemention works well enough and I have used it a lot lately.


People say that these are better for recording than live but I haven't heard that in my experience. This is a very colored delay as most analog ones are. The closest thing I can compare it to is maybe the Dunlop Carbon Copy because it has the darkness on the repeats, especially with the Brown switch on. A better word I feel would be "hazy" or "fadey". The repeats fade out very naturally which you don't get with most digital delays.


I have heard a lot of people having switch failures on these. In fact my friend has an older one and the tempo switch on his broke. Mine hasn't given me any trouble but I rarely use it live and when i do it's usually in a rack. That might be why. The price is a little bit steep but considering you get a true analog delays AND tap tempo AND midi I think it's fair.