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soccerplayer25 25/03/2008

Line 6 DL4: Produktbewertung von soccerplayer25 (content in English)


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The Line 6 DL4 is delay pedal with 16 different settings, all based on other delay pedals. It also has a 14 second loop sampler. There are 1/4'' mono and stereo inputs and outputs and has 3 spaces for making your own presets and also has a tempo tap feature.


The pedal is very easy to use, although it takes some time to master it and to reach its full potential. Each knob has a different use for each setting and I would recommend looking at the manual for the full information on that, just because there is so much information and so much you can do with the pedal. Overall, its really easy to get some great sounds out of this though.


The effects on this are impeccable. While some are better than others, all of the sounds are very realistic and they don't sound too 'digital' at all. I use this mostly on electric guitar but I have used it on keyboards as well, and it works great with both. My favorite settings are the sweep delay and the reverse delay. I used the looper constantly, most of the time I just lay a chord progression down and make up lead parts over it - its a really great writing tool as well.


I've had this pedal for about 3 years now and it really suits all of my delay needs. Its convenient to have so many different types of delays in one box, and I love having the option of making my own settings. While it does cost a bit for a single pedal, its worth it for me because I use delay all of the time. Anyone who is looking for a wide variety of delays and echoes without having 5 or 6 different delay pedals needs to try this out. I've used some of the Boss and Electro Harmonix delay pedals and although those are great as well, they don't have as many settings, they don't have the looper and they don't have preset options. Overall, I say this pedal is worth its hype and the price.