Ibanez DE7 Stereo Delay/Echo
Ibanez DE7 Stereo Delay/Echo

DE7 Stereo Delay/Echo, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler für Gitarre from Ibanez in the 7 series.

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iamqman 22/12/2011

Ibanez DE7 Stereo Delay/Echo: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)

"Nice price!"

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Ibanez is really known for their very inexpensive and budget friendly guitars as well as their TS9 deep screamer pedals. They probably have the most highly used in easily recognizable overdrive distortion pedals in the tube screamer. I do also do some great sounding effects pedals as well. One of those pedals is the stereo delay echo unit. This is a great little stereo delay that sounds great in front of an amplifier as well as in the effects loop of an amplifier.


Delay Time
The knob controls the delay time.

Repeat Takes care of your repeats

Delay Level
This adjusts your volume and overall mix of delay
Delay Time Range
Switches the delay time range.
30-160: From 30 milliseconds to 160 milliseconds
120-650: From 120 milliseconds to 650 milliseconds
480-2600: From 480 milliseconds to 2.6 seconds
Switches the quality of the delay tone.
ECHO: Old-style lo-fi echo
DELAY: Hi-fi digital delay


Most delays sound pretty good overall. It's really hard to screw up a delay pedal for the most part. It's a very simple design but a highly effective unit in which many guitarists from all walks of life and every genre of music tend to use the delay in many of their songs. The delay can really make a break a sound the most the time it really elevates someone's playing and actually gives the guitarists a lot more comfortable sitting arrangement because of the delay repeats filling in many of the open spaces within the music. This is a great sounding delay and probably pretty inexpensive delay for most people's budgets.

The controls on this are very simple and explanatory. Get a delay time, a repeat, and delays level which controllers your overall mix or volume. You also have to toggle switches that allow you to dial in the springtime range and whether it's going to be in echo or delayed mode. You can get a lot a great sounding pedal for the money if you can find when used, they're a great little tool.


You can find them online and in many classified section on the internet. They usually hover right around 50 or $60 or so. That's a pretty good price for a great little sounding used or even new pedal. I seen these pedals online from some retailers for right at about $65 new. So for people on a budget this is a great sounding effect for your guitar rig.