Digital Fish Phones SpitFish

SpitFish, Software de-esser from Digital Fish Phones.

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stompboxjon 19/09/2012

Digital Fish Phones SpitFish: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Free Useful Tool"

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The Digital Fish Phones SpitFish can be for mono or stereo vocal tracks. This free VST has the tools needed to get those “S” sounds or “SHH” sounds out of the vocal mix and it does it very good for it to be a free plug in. The interface is very small with only a , Tune Knob, Sense Knob, Depth Knob, and listen, bypass, stereo buttons. Most of all the stuff that Digital Fish Phones has made is awesome and they try to keep all of the VST’s free. I haven’t seen manual for SpitFish and I don’t think they have come out with one, but they do have an actual help button on the VST dashboard so if you need help you can click on it. I think it will take you to a help page on their website. Setting up this VST was simple and quick, it installs in only a few seconds and it is extremely low on your CPU.


I run the SpitFish on my MacBook Pro 2.66 Hhz i7 Dual Core 4GB laptop. I have not been using the SpitFish long and I really don’t use it that much. It was free so I downloaded it. I have other paid plug ins that can do exactly what The SpitFish can do and they are a little more in depth. But if you can afford to have the paid VST’s that can handle vocal tracks , I say it is a easy decision that you must go download the SpitFish right away. You will love how well it can take those sounds out of your vocals and clean up your mix.


SpitFish is very easy to use and to install, there is nothing to it. I wish that tit was a little more in depth though with more options to it. I would use it a lot more if it was more in depth. Since it cant compete with some of my Waves plug ins, it will just have to sit on my computer and never get used. But for free, you really cant beat what it can do. It is a must have for someone who can’t afford those expensive plug ins.