Waves H-Comp
Waves H-Comp

H-Comp, Software compressor from Waves.

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tarrtime 02/12/2012

Waves H-Comp: Produktbewertung von tarrtime (content in English)

"Decent Analog Compressor Sound"

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The H-Comp compressor is a plug-in by Waves to be used inside a DAW. Installation of all Waves product is pretty easy. With v9, you no longer need an iLok, any USB stick can be used to run the software on multiple computers. Authentication can also occur without a dongle if your computer is connected to the internet.

The H-Comp is part of the 'hybrid' line of plug-ins from Waves. These plug-ins are marketed to have an analog sound with digital functionality. H-comp definitely has some features that aren't typically found on analog compressors. There is a 'mix' knob to blend in an uncompressed signal to achieve the popular parallel compression internally, removing the need to have duplicate tracks to achieve the same processing. The release control can be synced to the tempo of the host DAW. I don't know of any hardware compressor that can do that. This functionality might be useful if you are trying to side-chain a kick drum to compress a synch. This makes sure the pumping is in sync with the tempo of your song.


The H-Comp has most of the typical controls of a compressor - attack, release, threshold, ratio, and gain. There is no control for the knee of your compressor. I am not discerning enough to tell the difference between the different choices on the analog dial. Number '3' sounds like some high frequencies are filtered. The other settings are hard for me to tell a difference between. With other products from Waves, switching on 'analog' really just adds some low level noise to simulate analog hiss.

The punch knob seems like a great idea. A huge reason to compress drums is to get some extra punch. Usually when I have used the H-Comp I haven't like the results of the 'punch' knob, so I usually leave it at zero.


The H-Comp does a decent job of adding the analog sound of a compressor to your tracks. There are times when you want a compressor to reduce the amplitude of your tracks without any noticeable coloration. This it not that kind of compressor, it definitely adds some decent 'color' to your tracks.

I think the CLA Compressors have a better sound if you want to 'color' your tracks. However, you don't have the options of the 'mix' with the CLA Compressors to get the parallel compression internally. When I am in a hurry, the H-Comp does a decent job at getting the analog sound of a compressor.