Bomb Factory 1176

1176, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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chrislieck 26/09/2012

Bomb Factory 1176: Produktbewertung von chrislieck (content in English)

"The BOMB"

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We use this everyday at my studio. I have the original hardware units so I can tell you it's close but not exact. For vocals it has a bit more colorizing than the SSL WAVES but for snare and toms I use it regularly and it sounds very close on live instruments. Most newer engineers have never heard this unit or even hear of it. For vocals I think you need to be careful as to how your threshold is set as well as attack. Play with the attack and don't over compress with the threshold or you will hear it. Most of the time when we teach our students ( how to use this plug in we start with the input gain along with adjustments on the ratio. The plug in version verses the original is quite different on the ratio adjustments. The original unit has a very unique sound when turning of the input along with using the ratio knob. You will hear that compression kick in immediately. On the plug in you have to play with the levels for some time to dial in the right compression.

On snare drums it is very tough at first to get the right settings. I usually copy the snare track down and work on another track as I do the same with vocals and kick drum.

Kick drum is the hardest to dial in. I use to use this on kick drums but I have moved on to the SSL channel. The input adjustment on the plug in is to sensitive for my ears and don't have the patience to work with it along with the ratio. There are to many quick fix compressor plug ins out there in the market that I like better.

But for snare drum, sub mixing drums with a buss, this plug in sounds really good. You have to get a good deal of input to hear the compression. I usually start by engaging the compression and then hit the "bypass" to make sure as I compress the levels are exactly the same engaged or disengaged so that I can hear the exact amount of compression I am using. I do the same on vocals. Normally I start with an 8:1 and it sounds great. The more extreme the compression on this plug in the better. I don't like a light compressor on this unit. I like it to be really compressed. Another use I have for this plug in is for guitars. I have used this plug in successfully for years on guitars and I don't use it on an auxiliary just a straight insert. I can always rely on this one to give me a great sound.


Works great no issues and does the trick as a great basic compressor.

Stable runs great with Pro Tools.

10 years been using it.

I have owned the original 1176 for years so I know the real unit like the back of my hand and it is about 70 percent like the original but not exactly. I also worked with legendary producer Andy Jons and he at first did not like this plug in but after a while he started to get the feel for it and started changing is mind by the end of the record. I will say that I don't use it as much as I did in the past.


I like it is sounds great and now it comes with Pro Tools so you can't beat it. As for the go to compressor yes and no. I use it when I need a specific sound on vocals and or snare. I no longer use the plug in on kick, it is not like the original on the room mics but I do like the plug in over all and you know it is there for problems that you incur when mixing.