Bomb Factory 1176

1176, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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AudioArtist 13/09/2012

Bomb Factory 1176: Produktbewertung von AudioArtist (content in English)

"Good most of the time, yet it can occasionally be awesome"

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You should have no compatability issues at all, all the Bomb Factory plug-ins are accessable by nearly all popular programs.
If you really want a good manual, do a google search for Bomb Factory Plug-ins and you'll find a downloadable pdf. doc. that has simple explainations and a few helpful hints and tips on the typical Bomb Factory bundle.
Setup is entirely easy, straightforward, and painless.
All the available adjustments are right there, and the interface mimics the original piece of hardware gear, so if you know how to use a compressor you should be good to go right away.


I've only used the Bomb Factory Bundle with Pro-Tools and GarageBand. Both have functioned quickly and easily as well as not being too much of a CPU hog.
Performance wise, all the Bomb Factory plug-ins are quite good, no big issues, no crashing, and they all perform and accomplish exactly what they say. Really quite reliable stuff considering that it is often packaged free with some popular DAW's.
I've been using the Bomb Factory plug-ins since 2005, included with a Pro-Tools Factory Bundle.


One thing to like most about this plug-in sofware compressor is that, in may cases, it's free! You may already have it and not tried it out!
In my experience, it does an outstanding job with bass tracks, low-endy or slappy. As with any compressor, dialing in the attack and release settings is a must learn skill.
Overall, it is a fairly clean compressor but it does impart a certain amount of "grit" that is unique to the hardware unit on which it was modeled.
Ok, now here is a lil' technique you should try with this plug-in:
This emulation can acheive the legendary "All Buttons In" mode. (it's covered in the aforementioned pdf. manual.)
If you use this plug-in to achieve what is commonly know as "New York Compression" or "Stereo Buss Compression" the 1176 can do some amazing things.
1: Mix your drum tracks and pan accordingly
2: Set up a buss send to a stereo or multiple mono track(s)
3: Apply the 1176 using "All Buttons In" mode to the buss return
4: Send your mixed drums through the buss send(s) accordingly
5: Mix said buss return with your dry drum tracks accordingly
I'll leave it to you to work that out for yourself, but I strongly suggest that you give it a try; The 1176 is one of many hardware compressors commonly used in popularizing this technique.