Jam Pedals WaterFall
Jam Pedals WaterFall

WaterFall, Chorus für Gitarre from Jam Pedals.

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denied 04/05/2011

Jam Pedals WaterFall: Produktbewertung von denied (content in English)

"The best chorus. Period. "

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- Controls for depth and rate

- Toggles for intensity(+, -) and chorus/vibrato

- True bypass

- Hand made, hand painted!

- Solid construction, top quality componants

- Powered by 9v battery or 9v adapter


Not the simplest chorus pedal made, but definitely not difficult to use or overcomplicated.

Basic controls for depth and rate. These have a pretty wide range, so do take a minute to dial them in.

The remaining controls on the pedal are two switches. One labeled +/- controls the intensity of the effect. While set to - the effect is much more subtle. Soft shimmers, just barely drawing you in. Switch it over to + and you get a very intense effect that I've heard described as "sea-sickening."

The the toggle can be used to switch the pedal over to a vibrato effect. This isn't the chorus-like univibe of the 60s, it is more of a simpler pitch modulation. It feels a little naked and overwhelming to me, this switch is pointed to chorus pretty much permanently on my waterfall.

All in all, the controls and their parameters were very well chosen, providing a range of sounds while retaining simplicity


We are pretty much at perfection here. The sound is exactly what a chorus pedal should produce. Yes, there is a wide range of tones that can be coaxed out of this pedal. But no matter what you set the knobs to, it simply cannot sound bad.

It can go from a soft shimmer to a very intense chorus. But more importantly, it has NONE of the cheesy element that turns so many people (including myself) off chorus as an effect. Very sweet, yet almost dark sounding. Think the deepest of blues.


I've been through most chorus pedals, and this is the one. I am delighted with the range of sounds, and the clear tone that never gets cheesy. The waterfall has been on my board for almost a year now, and isn't going anywhere.

Jam Pedals is a fantastic, under the radar, company from Greece. They do have a number of international dealers that can be found on their website.

The waterfall isn't the cheapest pedal out there, and in testament to its quality, they very rarely go used. I've only ever seen 2 on ebay, and one of those is sitting on my board. The other went up to within $10 of the new price.

Other good ones too look at are the Red Witch Empress and the Analogman chorus. But if you can afford to pick up a waterfall, it is the one to buy.