Analog Man Chorus
Analog Man Chorus

Chorus, Chorus für Gitarre from Analog Man.

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denied 01/05/2011

Analog Man Chorus: Produktbewertung von denied (content in English)

"Killer chorus pedal!"

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- True Bypass

- High quality components, durable, well built

- True analog chips (1024 stage bucket brigade)

- Powered 9v (can take up to 12v) batter or boss style adapter. Inserting an adapter disables the battery drain

- Internal gain trimpot

- Can be ordered in stereo, with depth mods.

- Looks tasty!


Very very simple to use. Two knobs, speed and depth. Its pretty difficult to get a bad sound out of this pedal no matter what you do, definitely not one you need to spend hours tweaking. For some people, a good pedal is one that can be plugged in, and immediately sound fantastic. This is one of those.

If you get any distortion for some reason, pop it open and roll off the internal gain trimpot.

The pedal draws a very low current (about 10mA), so battery operation is viable. One really cool power related feature is the ability to plug in an adapter and disable battery use. So you can keep a battery in there fully charged, ready to be pulled off your board and used independently.


The Analogman chorus was originally a clone of the Electro-Harmonic small clone, and has been modified quite a bit since then. It claims to be there first boutique chorus pedal.

It now sounds substantially better than a small clone. One of the best sounding chorus pedals out there in my opinion and experience, rivaled only by the Jam Pedals Waterfall. It is very warm and lush sounding, not too bright or glassy. It can go from light shimmer to full out throbbing seascapes.

The AM chorus has very little of the cheesy factor that most chorus pedals are known and hated for. It really just opens up your sound.


Really just a fantastic chorus pedal at a very affordable price. It is probably the chorus that I recommend most frequently.

Other comparable options are (cheaper) the Malekko Omicron and Cmatmods chorus, or if you want to spend a little more money, the Red Witch Empress, and the Jam Pedals Waterfall.

But the Analogman is really the most viable in terms of quality for price, and definitely a solid choice.

Highly recommended.